special arrival…hens and chicks

These hens-and-chicks arrived in the mail yesterday; they came from my brother’s yard and he was cool enough to send me some. I love them and their perfect rosette shape, so much! (i hope they live, i hope they live, i hope they live…) Hen and chicks is a common name for a group of small succulents belonging to the flowering plant family Crassulaceae (krass-yoo-LAY-see-ay) As the common name suggest the main plant (or mother hen) surrounds herself with miniature replicas (her little chicks).

My plan is to give them a chance to recuperate from their journey, and then transplant some into small containers for gift-giving. I’m thinking of using bamboo cups, since we can easily make those ourselves, (note to self: “blog about our cherished giant bamboo stand that grows in our yard”) but my mind is open to other ideas that may pop in.

Also, I have plans for a rock garden…which will have to wait for now. But one inspiration, that was burned into my skull over 10 years ago and never subsided, is a succulent wreath. I saw it, coincidentally, in Martha Stewart Living, and it is on my ‘bucket-list’ of things to make. Here’s a couple of links, take a look and tell me that this is not something that you would love to have, hanging on your door, out in your yard, by a sunny kitchen window…

From the Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia website is a fairly understandable set of instructions. I wouldn’t bother watching the video on this page, though; it is kind of long-winded and is only part 1 of a two-part video. (???)
This link, from WonderHowTo, has a much better video, and shows how easy a process, making a succulent wreath, can actually be.

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