a tree grows at an art festival ....

Earlier this month we directed a children’s community art project during ArtFest Fort Myers. We first sculpted a 7 foot bare tree with no leaves.

During the two day festival, we taught children how to sculpt leaves with masking tape, which they colored with markers and signed their names.

We were incredibly honored that the children then gave their hand made pieces of art to add to the tree.

All weekend long the tree grew it’s leaves for all to see.

We now have the tree back at our studio, where we will finish it by applying layers of glue over the branches, to permanently secure the leaves to the tree, and paint the trunk and branches. When we finish it, we hope to have it on display and various locations in the area. We’ll be sure to keep everyone informed of its whereabouts.

We’d like to thank ArtFest Fort Myers for inviting us to head this project, and the Lee County Alliance for the Arts for helping to make it happen.