a safety net in ocasiocasa world...

Recently we participated in an exhibit at the Alliance for the Arts, in Fort Myers, FL, that was a cash & carry model. Meaning, that instead of the art staying in the gallery until the show was over, the patrons were able to take the art of the wall as soon as they purchased it. 

This left an empty spot in the gallery, so the artist was asked to replenish it with another piece of art. And, so on ...until the end of the show.

One our pieces, "Block Party!" sold during the opening. You can see it here, on our website. "Safety Net" is the piece that we replaced it with. Just like "Block Party!", it's sculpted onto wood.

We sculpt quite a bit onto these wooden boxes. We make them ourselves. They are more like wooden shadow boxes turned around, and we use the backside to sculpt onto with masking tape.

We imagine that in the world of 'ocasiocasa', a safety net is something tangible, that can be seen and felt ...and played on. 

jeff & dale

Dia de los Muertos '14

"Frida & Diego" our newest sculptures were created to submit to a favorite annual show --- 
Dia de los Muertos Group Show at Howl Gallery/Tattoo in Fort Myers, FL.

Dia de los Muertos is a fascinating, and visually beautiful Mexican holiday that honors family and friends who have died. We each sculpted one. 

Jeff sculpted Diego and Dale sculpted Frida. Diego Rivera is the famous Mexican artist and husband to the even more famous surrealist Mexican painter Frida Kahlo. The show will exhibit all month, with it's opening reception November 1st at 7pm. howlgallery.com

new places for ocasiocasa...

rocky the laid back hare, titus the toadstool, lerk the zombie guy, tommy the elephant, natal and nod II

We have a new home at HOWL Gallery/Tattoo for several of our sculpted pieces. They feel pretty lucky to get to hang out in such a cool place. Be sure to look for them in the display cases, if you go. We also have a print hanging on the wall as part of their SWFL Lives - 6th Annual Group Show, this month.

Howl Gallery/Tattoo - 4160 Cleveland Ave, Fort Myers , FL 33901 - (239) 332-0161

"bird chatter" print in sculpted frame, rebeka's flowers, tallulah the toad stool, aster the flower, kashmir the elephant

New one-of-a-kind sculptures and digital artwork have also been recently placed in the Alliance for the Arts gift shop.

Lee County Alliance for the Arts Gift Shop- 10091 McGregor Blvd, Fort Myers, FL 33919 - (239) 939-2787

ira and saul and their collection of friends...

Since moving our little downtown gallery back home, we have been busy putting together a collection of art to show in a new gallery downtown inside the Franklin Shops on First.

‘Ira and Saul and friends’ features two of our sculpted altered dolls that have just been completed. They have modeled for us in a couple of our illustrations before being painted. Many people might remember seeing them in our gallery, while we were there. But, now that we are working entirely from our studio in our home, we’ve had time to put the finishing touches on them, plus make a short animation with the whole gang.

a snake, a bird, and belinda with her balloons...

"Beautiful Belinda and her Blue Balloons" has just been completed and we accomplished a brand new idea with her---combining our digital art with a sculpted piece. This was done by printing, from my Epson printer, directly onto a transparent glue skin that was prepped with a liquid called “digital grounds”. This allowed the glue skin to take the ink from the printer.

The image used was one that I took while visiting my daughter in Brooklyn from her rooftop, when the sun was setting over Manhattan.

Snake and Bird Group Show

Our sculpture grouping, titled “Drake & Crawford”, is being shown At Howl Gallery, in their Snake and Bird Group Show. It’s a great show with really tremendous artwork from area artists. You should definitely find time to see it. Visit their website for more information and images of the show.

five animals, five birds...

...is the sum of our sculptured collection portraying the symbiotic relationship between animals that roam the land and those that fly in the air. These are part of a larger art exhibit titled "Burnett, Fithian, and Ocasio" being shown at the Alliance for the Arts. An article about the exhibit can be read here: Florida Weekly - Group exhibit features colorful landscapes and whimsical creatures.

Last summer, the Alliance for the Arts asked if we could create five large sculptures of animals for an upcoming exhibit. We were happy to be asked and immediately began forming ideas for the sculptures. The symbiotic relationships in the animal kingdom instantly came to mind---specifically, the odd kinship of certain animals that roam the land and those that fly in the air. This collection is our portrayal of how two dissimilar organisms merge and, in our minds, live a happy life together.
Jeff began sculpting them during ArtWalk events, in front of our gallery, in the Fort Myers River District. Event goers have been able to see the progression each month. They range in size from 20” to 48" tall.

make room for more mushrooms...

Our new mushrooms for 2014 have just been completed. We’d like to introduce Nils #13, Dolf #1 and Curd #11.


This year, we brought back the billiard ball style, using old billiard balls as their base. These blue mushrooms are our third series.

The 2013 soggy august mushroom series ---we still have ‘augustina’ : -)

And, the 2012 mushrooms series---only two of are left, and are still available at our studio.

We plan on continuing this annual series of fungi ---we're having too much fun to stop.

February is for flowers at ocasiocasa

Jeff has been busy cultivating his sculpting skills in a brand new way ---with flowers! In fact, our studio/gallery will be brimming with them, and transformed into ‘The Florist,’ our new show for February.

We don’t plan on keeping this skill a secret. On February 15th, we’ll be sharing all the details on how to make sculpted flowers from masking tape.

Would you like to join us? Here are all the details:

What: A flower making sculpting class – We’ll complete a masking tape wire stemmed flower with leaves. Directions for applying glue to seal, and paint will be provided. Space is limited to eight students, ages 14yrs and older.

Where: ocasiocasa studio gallery – 1540 Broadway, Ft Myers, FL 33901

When: Saturday, February 15th, 1:00 to 3:30pm

Cost: $25 ($20 for early registration) –

Registering for our class early ensures that there will be a seat available, plus you receive a 20% discount. A full refund will be offered if a cancellation is needed and requested before the day of the class.

Feel free to contact us with any questions.