making a shelter for ira starman

Some of our dolls are in local retail shops, and some are in our online shop.

And while I’ve been really happy with how they turned out, and the reception they’ve received, I’ve also felt that they seem a little vulnerable in the spaces they occupy---out in the open and over-exposed, while sitting on their shelves.

Custom made boxes are what I’ve been devising for them, and have come up with several different prototypes. But, I think I’ve finally settled on using foam board.

It’s sturdy and light weight. I use masking tape to join the edges. Inside, I create a little bench shaped structure, made from the foam board as well, and tape that in securely. This allows me to attach starman to his box with a ribbon or string.

Then, add several coats of glue, paint and illustrations printed on inkjet photo paper, and finish with a sealant.

The boxes have turned into a further extension of the art that is inside of them. I like what it adds to our toy art, and they seem happy with their hand made homes made just for them.

Here is Raman with his custom box, who was recently entered into a group exhibit at HOWL Gallery/Tattoo, in downtown Fort Myers, FL.
oooohhh, the places he goes in that box... :-)