a safety net in ocasiocasa world...

Recently we participated in an exhibit at the Alliance for the Arts, in Fort Myers, FL, that was a cash & carry model. Meaning, that instead of the art staying in the gallery until the show was over, the patrons were able to take the art of the wall as soon as they purchased it. 

This left an empty spot in the gallery, so the artist was asked to replenish it with another piece of art. And, so on ...until the end of the show.

One our pieces, "Block Party!" sold during the opening. You can see it here, on our website. "Safety Net" is the piece that we replaced it with. Just like "Block Party!", it's sculpted onto wood.

We sculpt quite a bit onto these wooden boxes. We make them ourselves. They are more like wooden shadow boxes turned around, and we use the backside to sculpt onto with masking tape.

We imagine that in the world of 'ocasiocasa', a safety net is something tangible, that can be seen and felt ...and played on. 

jeff & dale