a leaf lesson...

A quick view on sculpting a leaf with bits of recycled wire and masking tape. We're teaching a class Saturday, July 11th at the Alliance for the Arts in Fort Myers FL.

sculpting a storybook...

For a very long time, I've been imagining illustrating a story with our artwork.
With no particular story in mind, it remained a dream.
We've never been closer to that idea coming to realization, however, than right now.
A short while ago, Jeff and I began tossing a made-up tale back and forth while relaxing on the back porch one Sunday afternoon with our cat. We liked the story. It made us laugh.

Sculpting the characters began almost immediately. They are simply a collection of townsfolk ---like any good story has.

When it came time to paint, I wanted to try something different, and put some mulberry paper, that I had been saving, to use.

I printed images of trees and plants that I photographed and altered onto the paper, draped it over their cloaks, and covered with glue.

The buildings, for part of the scenery, have also been made.

While still a work in progress, it easy for us to picture it being completed. 

There are still other elements in the story that we need to sculpt, and images from our own abstract and nature photography will also be used for illustrating.

We're looking forward to seeing what the end result will be and imagining that it will be something that will make us smile

A new place that our art likes to call home...

Mel Meo, a long-time, beloved Pine Island artist, recently re-opened her studio, that is full of beautifully colorful, out-of-the-ordinary, surreal art and kitchy stuff ---her own, plus others that she has asked to join her in helping to create a really unique art space.
We were asked, and jumped; couldn't help it.

If you are ever in St James City, do yourself a favor and seek out and visit this very precious spot.
Mel Meo Studio
5509 Pine Island Rd, Saint James City, Florida 33917
(239) 283-0236

ArtFest Fort Myers...

is Southwest Florida’s Premier Art Festival and it happens every February, in downtown Fort Myers. This year, for the first time, we'll be participating : -)

ArtFest Fort Myers is happening Feb. 7th & 8th, and Booth #2 on Heitman St. will be brimming with our odd, quirky and one-of-kind sculptures.
We're extremely thrilled to have been asked to join the other artist and looking forward to seeing some familiar faces. Please seek us out ---we won't be hard to find : -)