The Children's Tree Video

Hello SWFL created a video about the Children's Tree that was created during ArtFest Fort Myers last February, and did a wonderful job telling our story in a short video.

The Children’s Tree Reverie

Jeff and I installed a special art exhibit in downtown Ft Myers, in the front window of the Franklin Shops on First. The name of the exhibit is “The Children’s Tree Reverie” and features a seven-foot tree that is the culmination of a children’s community art project that we directed, during the 2017 ArtFest Fort Myers festival. Children that attended the festival were taught how to make leaves for the tree from wire and masking tape.     “The Children’s Tree Reverie” is a  how we like to imagine the weekend we spent getting kids involved with art and growing a tree, in our slightly off-kiltered way we have of imagining things. And, it’s October, so it includes some masks : -)

Here are some images of the weekend at ArtFest, the window installation, and a few of the pieces we sculpted for the exhibit.  All of the pieces for the exhibit can be viewed in our portfolio. 

"Fin Folk" Portfolio

Our latest collection of sculpted and digital art is available to see in our recently published portfolio. Click on the cover below to browse the digital issue, online.

Fin Folk - a new collection of sculpted and digital art

Here is a sneak peek of our newest collection of art that is currently debuting in a solo show at the DAAS CO-OP Art Gallery in Fort Myers, Florida. "Fin Folk" presents a daydream-like portrayal of life forms beneath the waves.

We'll be posting an online portfolio of the entire show soon. In the meantime, there are more images posted on our Instagram site -

a short, fun video about jeff & dale ...

Hello SWFL is a local news media company here in SW Florida. They asked if they could visit our studio & see what we were about. It was fun ...this short, so take a look :-)

bloomin' art!

We have a new art display in the storefront window of the Franklin Shops on First,
in downtown Ft Myers. 

storefront window display art

Our freestanding Flower Fairies were created just for the display. 
Meet Rosina and Warren : -)

freestanding flower fairies
jeff & dale

a tree grows at an art festival ....

Earlier this month we directed a children’s community art project during ArtFest Fort Myers. We first sculpted a 7 foot bare tree with no leaves.

During the two day festival, we taught children how to sculpt leaves with masking tape, which they colored with markers and signed their names.

We were incredibly honored that the children then gave their hand made pieces of art to add to the tree.

All weekend long the tree grew it’s leaves for all to see.

We now have the tree back at our studio, where we will finish it by applying layers of glue over the branches, to permanently secure the leaves to the tree, and paint the trunk and branches. When we finish it, we hope to have it on display and various locations in the area. We’ll be sure to keep everyone informed of its whereabouts.

We’d like to thank ArtFest Fort Myers for inviting us to head this project, and the Lee County Alliance for the Arts for helping to make it happen.