reclaiming frames still motion video

I recently finished a set of frames that Jeff taped for me, and while we worked I taped my iphone to the frame of our canopy, overhead, and recorded a still shot every minute.

I used an app called ‘imotion hd’ which automatically stitches each photo together and creates a video clip.
Here’s a slower version---step by step:

We take the backing off of used frames and put the glass away (we have plans for another project with those). Then, Jeff sculpts his designs with masking tape.

Then white glue is applied in several layers.

And I add the paint.

Have you ever tried to imagine a world without paint?
I believe it is a glorious invention. To protect the paint I add several layers of varnish.

Next, I choose the pictures, print them on professional photo paper with archival inkjet ink, and size them and cut to fit each frame. Over each photo I’ve laid a clear film laminate for protection.

For the backing, I use foamboard. Cut them to fit snug, and tape them up.

Then apply the glue, paint and varnish.

To make hanging easy, I create a loop with twisted tape and wire.

one piece of art, sealed up in it’s little frame home, and ready to hang…
hope you enjoyed, cheers!