five animals, five birds... the sum of our sculptured collection portraying the symbiotic relationship between animals that roam the land and those that fly in the air. These are part of a larger art exhibit titled "Burnett, Fithian, and Ocasio" being shown at the Alliance for the Arts. An article about the exhibit can be read here: Florida Weekly - Group exhibit features colorful landscapes and whimsical creatures.

Last summer, the Alliance for the Arts asked if we could create five large sculptures of animals for an upcoming exhibit. We were happy to be asked and immediately began forming ideas for the sculptures. The symbiotic relationships in the animal kingdom instantly came to mind---specifically, the odd kinship of certain animals that roam the land and those that fly in the air. This collection is our portrayal of how two dissimilar organisms merge and, in our minds, live a happy life together.
Jeff began sculpting them during ArtWalk events, in front of our gallery, in the Fort Myers River District. Event goers have been able to see the progression each month. They range in size from 20” to 48" tall.