creating illustrations with ooak…

let the children boogie art print 


Inspired by Bowie’s song – Starman, I created a digital art print with photographs of our one-of-a-kind ira starman the alien art doll, placed free floating, topsy-turvy, in outer space with a fellow starman.

With Jeff’s new art dolls, I believe I’m going to have to create more of these illustrations. It is just too much fun not to and I love all the possibilities.


 ira starman the alien art doll


This art print, in particular, is titled ‘let all the children boogie’ and was put in our shop today, just in time to be entered into the Nasa & Etsy Space Craft Contest---original, handmade artistic items inspired by NASA’s space exploration program.

I love the idea of this. When I think of our space exploration program, I like to believe that it is fueled by children’s imaginations from all over, and that the talented men and women at NASA were passionately drawn to their fields while very young and obsessively imagining all what lies beyond.


let the children boogie


While creating the illustration and deciding on a name, I came across this classic David Bowie music clip performing Starman. This is wonderfully nostalgic and tender sweet to myself, but no matter what era you spent your formative years in, there is no denying Mr. Bowie of being the original, wildly creative, and magical thinker that he is…



…there’s a starman waiting in the sky
he told us not to blow it
cause he knows it’s all worthwhile
he told me:
let the children use it
let the children loose it
let all the children boogie…
~david bowie


here’s wishing you a hazy cosmic day yourself,