sculpted roses from masking tape and wire

We have a new variety of flowers gracing our gallery, thanks to Jeff’s determination to make a very pretty rose for me.

In January we’ll offer a free rose for each bottle purchase, and will continue our special until Valentines Day. Jeff will be teaching me how to make these soon. We plan on holding a rose making class in February :-)

Details are not far away.


the art of the shadow box, revisited

We're revisiting an old blog post, 'The Art of the Shadow Box', to show what's new.

'The Navigator' (above) is utilizing one of our boxes to host a couple of our sculptures. A face mask is a recurring theme in our studio, and the little man, balancing on top while trying to navigate his way through coastal waters, is also a common miniature form that we have. Most of them hide until found by a customer.

'Cat Island' is using a nautical map showing the coast of Mississippi and the Cat Island Channel. Jeff sculpted a rope-like frame on it to cradle the galleon style sailing ship, all sculpted from masking tape.

Another shadow box that was featured in our earlier blog post, 'Everybody Out of the Pool!' : -)

ocasiocasa december 2013 art show

December’s new show is a collection of altered, recycled battery operated toys. Months in the making, these one-of-a-kind sculptures perform a range of actions from talking in unison, singing and hopping, barking, crawling, crying, laughing, and more, beginning the evening of December’s ArtWalk, Friday the 7th.