digital art zine - spring issue 2011

Published at, is our first digital art zine of my illustrations featuring jeff’s altered dolls he has made from sculpting with masking tape.
I hope to create these issues twice a year to help document our works' progression. Each image is numbered and the names can be found on the back cover.
Several of the dolls and artwork are currently available in our Etsy shop. More should be up soon. Feel free to inquire about any by contacting us at art AT ocasiocasa DOT com.
This was actually fun to put together and the website at Issuu was very easy to use, and it's free. I would recommend it to anyone who has documents on their computer that they would like to publish in a magazine or catalog format. Issuu will host it on their website and will be available for any of their users to read, but it can also be embedded into your own website with ease.