preparations for precious cargo…

When one of our items are purchased, a rejoiceful time follows, (of course, for the obvious reason!:-)) most importantly because packaging is the final, yet another, creative endeavor for all of our art.

double boxed, with custom made boxes, sized just right...

wrapped with the item’s description, from the shop---perfect for gift-giving...

bundling carefully for a safe journey to their new destination...

re-using recyclable materials from newspaper and boxes...

all in hopes to convey our gratitude and create a ‘happy moment’ for the recipient.


  1. now that's the way to make a package! and i love that everything's recycled. big thumbs ups.

  2. I love this post! Big packaging nerd here :) Your boxes are amazing. Here's a post I did on packaging a while back (when no one was reading my blog yet ha ha):

  3. Thanks you, so much!
    To all: I highly recommend the blog post by ‘the lost earring’, up above this comment; it is full of terrific and resourceful ideas for packaging.

  4. It's such a great idea to show how you package your items.

  5. Great Post!! YOu have a fabulous product and packaging.