a room with a view…

I love my new outdoor room that Jeff created for us; it replaces the space an oak tree once stood before it almost fell over on me. (It was a perfectly non-windy day---kind of freaky :-\)

After we cleared all of it, we had a brand new space to play with, in a yard that has very little space due to all of the overgrowth that we allow, mainly because it is too defeating to fight it back---and it kicks our butts when we try. Jeff came up with the idea to section it off with an old wood-framed window he had found, recently, by the side of the road.

One simple window, something to sit on, and it’s as if we added a new room to the house!

I try to make it out here at least once a day. I use the time here to write notes down, make lists, write this blog posting, dream…


  1. How beautiful, I wish I could have one of those at my houes.