bambusa…part uno of a series

Bambusa: tropical, giant, clumping, branchy, rapidly growing, beautiful and glorious
I’d love for you to meet a member of our family and beloved bamboo stand --- a tightly clumping (yet to be identified) species of the genus Bambusa. It occupies, roughly, a 12’ by 12’ space on our property, rests on the bank of a creek, and reaches over 40’ towards the sky.
The many species of Bambusa primarily grow in areas of Asia, particularly in the wet tropics which makes perfect sense that it thrives in its home here in SW Florida.
While we are happy to simply coexist with our large, overreaching, green friend, and greet it every morning as we open the front door, from time to time, there is a need to harvest it. Bringing down the tightly entwined culms is quite a workout for us and usually involves Jeff climbing up the bamboo to release the tops from one another. (I believe a video of this is in order; next time I’ll have the camcorder in hand.)

As the first installment of a series of postings chronicling Jeff’s handiwork of turning some home-grown giant grass into useful household objects, I gathered some photos to share:

Hanging off of the back of our house are wall masks, carved by Jeff, and are one of many things that can be created when you split the bamboo culms into quarters…
…as well as wall siding,
…covering the sides of kitchen cabinets,
 …and shelving for a vinyl record collection.
Of course, then you need frames to display a bit of your collection. These are actually one of my personal favorite uses. I have a great time rummaging through our albums looking for new covers to hang on the wall.

More of our photos and examples of uses of bamboo will follow in the very near future.
I’d like to leave you with one more photo…
a shiny new leaf to welcome in a bright new season rushing up to your door steps as I write this. (it’s coming…believe me:))



  1. You are such neat people! And I love love love these photos, as well as your resourceful use of the plant :) I can't wait for Dev and I to have property someday. The serenity of a little spot of land, to grow things, have privacy, decorate how we please, etc...

  2. Wow! Very cool co-existence you have got going on there!

  3. Thank you, so much:)

    Lost earring is so right; there is tremendous tranquility, I think, that comes from caring for and being in charge of a slice of property. It gives so much back to you. Yet, while I love our wild and natural yard, I know I could easily be just as happy with a rooftop garden or patio. “Home is where the heart is” has a lot of meaning to me.

  4. That bamboo plant is soo pretty! I've had one that had done very well for about 5 years, but lately seems to be dying off on me.

    By the way, You've been TAGGED by a fellow Lab Rat . . . :)

  5. How lucky to have all that wonderful bamboo in your garden. I think it's amazing.

  6. Over the weekend, I managed to salvage a few heathy stems from my plant and had to remove the dying ones. Here's to fresh new starts!

  7. Bamboo is amazing---it's a very good thing we love it because it would be soooo hard to get rid of if we didn't.

    Jen---I hope it springs right back for you. Also, thank you for the tag. I've been seeing the '5 lists' post on other blogs and have really enjoyed reading them. I'll have to give it a try.

  8. I've got a crush on Hipstamatic too, isn't it fun how iPhone photography brings back the spontaneity?! Forgot to mention what a lovely banner you've got too!