blue skies smiling at me…

azure, baby, midnight, cerulean, cobalt, royal, cornflower, navy, sky…the amazing variations of a color sorely missed.
The other day, one of my favorite blogs,TheLostEarring, posted some stunningly, serene photos, here, which they had taken recently at the beach. The color blue stood out so clearly, and completely astounded me. I’ve never been a huge fan of blue; never really gave it much thought. I do love blue skies (and the song by Irving Berlin), the water when it is reflecting a blue sky, and I’ve recently started really liking, what I call, pool blue.
I guess my strong attraction was due to the lack of blue skies we had been having here in sw florida lately. But yesterday…it was back in a big, big, glorious way.
While I was letting our jack russell out for a run, I had fun taking shots from beneath the leaves. I used my new Hipstamatic app on my iphone, and did not alter or edit them in any way. And, yes, the sky really was that blue.
The hipstamtic app is $1.99, and my personal review would be---it’s worth it. I’ve enjoyed playing with it and creating some pretty surreal images on the spot. When I posted these photos on facebook, a friend commented that they look like an underwater dream. I like that analogy and have to agree.

“blue days
all of them gone
nothing but blue skies
from now on”

I hope all of your gray and blustery days will be gone very, very soon.


  1. These are stunning! That blue is just too amazing for words :)