forever exploring perfect picture making…

I am, endlessly, trying to find just the right lighting, the perfect background, superior focus, eye catching design…all with our camera. These are my latest attempts.
The backdrop is actually an antique free standing screen. I took the pictures outside, an hour or so before sunset.
celtic bogg
A problem I was having before was twofold. I’ve come to realize that our best lighting is outside, in the shade. However, I feel that our art bottles should be presented indoors since they fall into the home décor category. Also, while I like the lighting better, outside, our bottles have to compete with a very bold and busy background of our green overgrowth of plants. Extremely colorful, and pretty photos, but our bottles are swallowed. There is the option of taking pictures by a window. In our home, though, there just doesn’t seem to be enough space for that. I find that I get a much better photo when I can back away, a good distance, and zoom in.
So, finally the idea of bringing a bit of the indoors to the outdoors was planted firmly in my head. I’ll probably take a series of photos like this, until I come up with an even better solution.

Wishing you a happy St Patrick’s day,

May the blessing of light be on you--
light without and light within.
May the blessed sunlight shine on you
and warm your heart
till it glows like a great peat fire.
 ---an old celtic blessing



  1. Wow, well the images themselves are a work of art! How clever of you to use a screen outdoors to solve the problem. Seriously, you should make some postcards of these or something--it'd be a fun way to show friends/family what you're up to ;) Or advertise?

    PS Thanks so much for always leaving such thoughtful words on my blog. I've thought about quitting the blog thing, then I see a comment like yours and remember that it is possible to reach others this way :)

  2. Those images are gorgeous! The muted warm background colours and the simple, yet rustic-looking table, really makes the bottles stand out.

  3. What a beautiful and inspiring blog you have created! The photography is fantastic too! I really enjoyed the process of the white bottle, your photography posts and the Chinese New Year post! See you in Craft Blog Tune-Up!

  4. Lost--- :) one day I’m gong to take your advice and make me some postcards. Your compliments, on my photos, mean a lot to me coming from you.
    You know what’s funny---your blog and comments you leave on mine are what inspires me to keep this up. This is hard work, …no? But, at the same time, it’s so surprisingly rewarding.

  5. Kate, it’s so nice to see you here. Thank you, so much, for your sweet and considerate comments. It means a lot to me. I’m looking forward to visiting the blogs of all of our Craft Blog Tune-Up compadres. :)

  6. Have you tried for postcards? They are really inexpensive, and it's an easy service to use. On the down side, they overrun you with e-mails and are heavy on the sale building, but it's really not that big of a deal. I've been happy with my products from them.

    The pictures look great. I hate taking pictures of my stuff!!!!

  7. Beautiful photos! I agree with Lost Earring, you should consider offering greeting cards too!

    I appreciate the process you shared with us about how you came up with the staging for your photos, gave me some ideas for mine!

  8. Gosh - your photos are totally inspirational. The light is just exquisite.