bambusa series…number dos

To continue our series of ways Jeff and I have put bamboo to good use, I wanted to show our bamboo stand in its entirety. My best angle was indoors through our window. As I was taking the picture, a grasshopper landed on the window. So… that is what the underbelly of a grasshopper looks like, incase you were wondering.

I posted this photo on my Facebook and my daughter-in-law commented, “Oh my, he looks gigantic.” This made me laugh, because I hadn’t even looked at it in that light. I suppose it does kind of look like a poster for a Japanese giant monster movie. He’s almost as tall as our bamboo!

Last week I showed some examples of what we have used bamboo for when we have split the bamboo poles in quarters. You can see that post here.
These next photos show a few things we do with bamboo left in it’s perfectly, cylindrical form.

A trellis Jeff made at my request---I imagine that this summer it will be heavily covered in bleeding heart vines.

A much simpler trellis for our passion flower vine

Indoors is one of our curtain rods---probably one of the easiest things to do with bamboo.

Jeff encased a magnifying glass into a cut piece. A branch that sticks out of the bamboo node makes a very handy handle.

A flower vase made from joining three pieces of bamboo---the bottoms are closed solid by the bamboo’s node.

This is one of several bamboo poles posted into the ground along a boarded walkway in our yard. They help keep the garden hose off of the plants.

This last one was a favorite at the renaissance festivals we used to sell bamboo walking staffs at. It is an 11 foot rainstick and sounds amazing when you turn it. We have to keep it in our stairwell.

Next week I’d like to show a few things we made out of bamboo during our ‘renn fest’ ventures.

These photos were all taken with my iphone’s hipstmatic app, but when the grasshopper landed on our window, I had to grab my Fugi Finepix camera. He’s such a pretty green; in fact, I love the whole color palette of these photos.

Until we meet again,
mr. grasshopper and I would like to bid you farewell.


  1. I love seeing what you do with your bamboo. I will go stare at our bamboo stand now and use my force of will to make it grow bigger so I can make bigger things too.

  2. Your photography is so beautiful! Again! Stunning with the grasshopper on the window!

    I also really enjoy reading about the many uses you have made of bamboo! How creative! And I hope to see a picture of the trellis later on, when it's covered with bleeding heart vines... The magnifying glass is simply mind-blowing!

  3. Amazing! Happy to see another installment of the neat things you guys make from bamboo. I love that magnifying glass--what a great idea. So resourceful, all of these! And how fortunate that a grasshopper came by :)