objects of sentimental worth …

Jeff and I are in the middle of a home improvement project ---weatherizing our upstairs (where our kitchen and dining area are) by covering the walls and ceiling with insulation panels and then, over that, wood. That means I have to pack up everything that is on a wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling bookshelf. The new bookshelf, we will build, will be much smaller---less than half the size of the current one. So I’m in the age old dilemma of what to keep and what to move out…hmmmm.

The most difficult task for me concerns the objects, on the shelves, which are not books. I’ve realized that things I typically display are items of sentimental importance. Deciding what stuff will go up on the new shelves, and what to do with what will not, is a bit bewildering. I’ve decided to start cataloging them into a photo album…maybe if I know that I will always be able to pull out a photo of a favored object, then I won’t have such difficulty in deciding to find a new home for it.

These are just a few of the pieces that are currently under review:

I have to laugh at the task ahead me; these are just a few of items I am pondering over...

Back to the Oblio sculpture, Oblio is a character in the album, movie and play called ‘The Point’---needless to say, our children were raised on the movie. It has cult classic status in our home. If you have the time, take a look at a small clip from the enchanting and whimsical movie.


  1. Just because you are boxing it up now doesn't mean it has to stay boxed. Rotate out your lovies every once in a while. That way, your eye doesn't get tired of looking at the same things, and you will fall in love all over again every time you open the box...

    I love the tiny bench!

  2. I am very fond of that idea; thank you. We use to do that with some of our children's toys from time to time amd it worked really well.

  3. Ya know, these images are quite cool! Some would make neat postcards :)