flickr favorites...bowls

Bowls, I believe, must be the universal symbol for the place in our hearts where nurture, comfort and sharing dwell. They are an ancient man-made creation that really hasn’t needed to be improved upon--- from the earliest days they were simply perfect.

“And my stomachs got some tasty food
that’s making me feel good
cos sharing some meals is something
i wish the world could do…”
~“two shoes” by the cat empire

Would you like to play?
Build your own mosaic and visit Artmind's cool and quite excellent blog to join in :)


  1. Those celadon bowls are to die for! Love 'em! Thanks so much for joining in - I loved looking at you fav's & I love bowls too! :)

  2. Ooooh I love that stoneware bowl! Gorgeous.

  3. Bowls without a doubt make life better. My husband leaves little piles of things all over, so now I just stick bowls in those places and he uses them without even thinking about it. It makes the house look so much tidier, and he doesn't even know I've trained him.

  4. That stoneware bowl is fantastic! You can never have enough bowls :) Lovely mosaic.

  5. I agree. Bowls are the most comforting of dishes. I love the stoneware one. You have a lovely blog here and I can't wait to see what you post next.

  6. We had wooden bowls growing up that I just loved. Wonderful picks :)