flickr favorites … uses of bamboo

Jeff and I share a love for the beauty and usefulness of the fastest growing plant on earth and among the most primitive of grasses. Every morning the sun rises and emits its rays through the tall stalks of our giant bamboo. The magnificence of the bamboo and the need to cut it back has created ideas (many ideas … it's not difficult; it has been noted that there are more than 1,000 uses for bamboo).

“Bamboo is both road and map
where use and beauty overlap…
...Bridges, baskets, paper, flutes
in summer, shade, at dinner, shoots…”

Would you like to play?
Build your own mosaic and visit Artmind's cool and quite excellent blog to join in :)


  1. Bamboo is a super material I think! What a lovely mosaic & source of inspiration!

  2. I love the colours in "Parasol & bamboo'. Gorgeous.

  3. we're pretty crazy about bamboo!

    Ginga---I can imagine you would like those brilliant colors; your items are the most colorful I've seen.:-)

  4. Beautiful mosaic! Bamboo is truly a great material. It's one of our upcoming goals for the future to learn how to work with it.

  5. Great FF mosaic! Love the colors!By the way amazing Banner!

  6. Oooh I love bamboo to! Such an interesting material and so many uses :) Thanks for stopping by to see my mosaic to. I will definitely share photos of my terrarium when I finish it but as of now it is a work in progress *grin*.