sipping kentucky wine….

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I just got back from a road trip with Mama and my two sisters. We visited our brother and his family and had a very sweet and memorable time.


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While we were there, in the rolling hills and bluegrass land of Kentucky, we were fortunate enough to be able to visit a vineyard and winery called Lover’s Leap.   …I know, right?


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You usually don’t think of wine vineyards in this part of the country. KY is known for its tobacco growing and bourbon. But in 1994, the Federal Tobacco Settlement dollars encouraged farmers to try something new and wine grapes were, in my opinion, one of the most delicious uses for this very rich soil.


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Before these grape vines covered these hills, tobacco was grown here. The tobacco barn stills stands today.


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These iconic structures are a common sight along the curving roadsides here.


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My brother and I picked a few of the grapes as we walked along the vines (who could resist?!). They were so flavorful.


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Netting is used to help keep the birds from feasting on the fruit, but it didn’t deter us.


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The wine tasting was casual, fun and very friendly. I brought home a couple of my favorite award winning reds.


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ok…jeff and I already finished the bottle of Sloppy Seconds; there was delicious red wine in that bottle.


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The Lover’s Leap website has a recipe in their garden section that I will be trying out very soon, but thought I could at least share it with you now, while I’m on the subject.

It’s Blackberry Zucchini Bread and uses their blackberry dessert wine. The recipe sounds awesome with zucchini and pecans…chocolate chips and sweet desert wine. While I didn’t bring home the blackberry wine (I did taste it, though----after all, they served it chocolate shot glasses) I think I’ll try it with some port. I’ll let you know how it turns out.


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The trip was heavenly.
And being with my family on a summer vacation brought back sweet, sweet memories. 

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don’t you just love summer?



  1. Dale, I thought it had gone quiet here on your blog! I missed you!

    SO glad to hear that you were up to fun adventures! And WHAT adventures!!!!! Lovers Leap, Sloppy Seconds... just to get a taste of these names! The rush of travelling, seen from your car window... your words and heavenly photography brought it all home to me! Curious to hear how the Blackberry Zucchini Bread turns out... Thank you for this glimpse into Kentucky and your vacation! Please send my best to Jeff too! xx

  2. Greetings Kate!
    Your comments always make me smile.
    It's good to be home and i'm sooooo looking forward to catching up on some blog reading, and also some posting, too. :) I will certainly let you know how the bread turns out.

  3. Hi there!Just got back from the south.Had a lovely time but catch a very nasty cold on last day and I'm still recovering!Enjoyed your photos on the Lover's Leap very much and also the story about the changing from tobbaco to vine.I like wine culture and story.My favourite region in Portugal is the north.They have the famous Oporto Wine Cellars.If you want to taste a good Porto wine pick Graham's Port I bought several bottles when I visited the cellars.Sweet wine.:))

  4. Hi belinha, thank you, so much, for stopping by with your sweet comments! We just got back from another trip ourselves.
    You know, I have had Graham's port before. You are right; it is very, very good. How cool that you've been there! Their cellars look so beautiful.