eating granola in new england…

meyer house (5)

I woke to the aroma of homemade granola roasting in the oven, our last morning there.

meyer house (8)

And that was just one of many, many things Jeff and I loved about our visit to a region of the country we’ve never been to before.

theatre by the sea (14)

We spent our summer vacation visiting our daughter.

She works at Theatre by the Sea in the summers---one of the most incredibly charming and adorable theatres I’ve been to. We enjoyed their production of The Full Monty immensely.

theatre by the sea (9)

theatre by the sea (15)

theatre by the sea (5)

(This is Ayla giving me a tour of the grounds. She absolutely loves it here and now I see why.)

matunuck beach (20)

A short walk from the theatre, and through a narrow, sandy path between beds of rugosa roses, lies the atlantic ocean.

matunuck beach (27)

These are also called wild sea tomato. But those fruits aren’t tomatoes---they’re called rose hips, and are where a lot of our vitamin c comes from in supplements. Such a difference from our sea oats we have back home!

matunuck beach (16)

And no shells! Only pretty, rounded stones…

matunuck beach (30)

matunuck beach (10)

Surfing with oars seems a little strange to us, but it certainly makes sense.

matunuck beach (24)

I’m reluctant to admit---but this was the first time I’d seen a flock of geese in person, and I was elated.

meyer house (2)

We were lucky enough to have stayed at the Meyer House Inn, a lovely b&b that was peaceful, relaxing, and in an absolutely gorgeous natural setting. Our stay there couldn’t have been more perfect. Our hostess cooked for us every morning. Her homemade granola reminded me how special such a simple meal can be.

meyer house (7)

meyer house (9)


Making your own granola is an extremely easy treat to do for yourself. I came across my favorite recipe from Orangette. (a lovely, delicious, and entertaining food blog that everyone should acquaint themselves with)

She calls it her french chocolate granola recipe, which she developed to replicate the granolas she ate every morning during her stay in France. quite simply luxurious…is all I have to say.


waterfire (10)

While we were there, we went to WaterFire in Providence---an art installation  where they light bonfires, stationed in the rivers that run through downtown, at sunset.

It was moving, spectacular, solemn, spiritual, magical---all of this wrapped into a very special public event.

waterfire (9)

waterfire (23)

waterfire (20)


And the nature happening all around was about as big and beautiful as I can imagine it ever being.


umbrella factory (2)

umbrella factory (13)

umbrella factory (6)

umbrella factory (8)

trustom pond (22)


New England was in celebratory mode---from the seaside gardens to the ocean-loving people.
It was a joy to witness and such a blessing to take part in.


airplane (3)

And now we are back home. No more going away for awhile.
I imagine that I’ll be staying indoors and out of the very wet, heavy heat that has enveloped our neck of the woods.

And that is a good thing, because I look forward to catching up on everything that I have fallen behind on.

And I will, too. :-)

Just watch!


  1. welcome home! sounds like a fabulous trip! i can't believe you'd never seen geese - they are like pigeons around here! (and in the midwest too!) andnow i can finally identify rosehips. thank you!

  2. Hi Kendra! The trip was indeed fabulous, thanks. The rosehip plants were much more beautiful than in the photos. I couldn’t believe my eyes at first; almost surreal.

  3. Welcome home and thank you for this tale about your trip! The photography beautiful as always... It's a treat to see the world through your eyes and words. Thanks for the granola tip, and isn't it special to see a different part of the world? A change of scenery opens one's eyes? Again, many thanks for this wonderful post.

  4. Kate, that is very sweet, and you are welcome. It was extremely special to be able to experience the contrast. It felt like a different world entirely---beautiful and different.