when a paperback prefers obscurity…

090110 026x

Jeff has applied his tape designs to more than just the surfaces of bottles.

090110 029x

He came up with a cleverly cute way to keep your reading matter undercover.

090110 030x(Autumn Secrets Paperback Book Cover)

These just need for me to brush on a few layers of finish, but are looking awfully pretty on our bookshelves while waiting.

090110 032x

I’m beginning to think that Jeff has stumbled into a pretty interesting art medium with his masking tape.

090110 034x

Just a short while ago, I found a couple of porcelain rabbits in a thrift store and asked him if he could make them some antlers. :-)

090110 037x
The jackalope will always amuse me.

I hope you allow ample opportunity for your creative self to amuse you . . . you never know where the diversion will lead you.


  1. Wowee! These books are so, so beautiful! What a cool idea!

  2. WOW! AMAZING! I love the rabbits with antlers, and the book covers too. Fantastic! Will you be selling the book covers in your store?

  3. Thank you, so much. We've received quite a bit of positive response to the covers; they will be in our shop soon. ...It would be great if that could happen magically. :-)

  4. I love love love the textures on these! I can see using the tape technique on all kinds of things.... hmmmm. *mind goes into overdrive*

  5. Thank you for stopping by! It's so nice to meet you. :-)