how he likes to frame things…

072410 094


I can not recall how long ago these frames first made their debut in our home, but I do remember the weeks leading up to the event. It involved Jeff being pleased with a garage sale find and four rather ugly frames.


072410 111


I really didn’t give much thought to them or what Jeff was up to in his shed for what seemed like days on end. The frames made a brief appearance with only bits of assorted house paints splattered on them. I was mildly interested (that’s putting it kindly).


072410 103


Shortly after, Jeff and the frames went back into hiding. Time had passed; I had forgotten about the frames and stopped wondering what Jeff was up to.


072410 131


But, when they all emerged, once more, I was completely taken aback at how he had found a clever use with so many items he had been hoarding---scratch that, I meant safe-keeping.


072410 134


Like one of our son’s shell collection that we used to have on display in museum like fashion out on our porch.


072410 119


An assortment of metal buttons and old costume jewelry…


072410 118


Glass pebbles, marbles, quartz crystal points, beach glass…


072410 099


Odds and ends of all things pirate (Arrrrrr!)…..


072410 102


The backs of the frames were absent from the beginning, and I like that he never bothered replacing them. We simple attach the photos to the wall with double-sided tape and allow the wall to show through the frame.

Up until recently, we had always put pictures of the kids and ourselves in these frames. Changing them out every now and then with different or updated ones.


072010 310 062010 026 070110 162 072010 082


But Jeff and I celebrated our 25th this month and have been treating ourselves to day long excursions to some really beautiful locations, close by, over the past several weeks. To commemorate, I changed out the photos with some from our trips.

I imagine these will be staying up for quite sometime…

I hope this post might inspire you to upcycle something with any small-item collections you are saving around the house. If you do, or perhaps already have, I would love to hear about it. Let me know :-)



  1. WOW!!!! Each one of Jeff's frames is a piece of art itself!!!! Very beautiful, and such a clever way to display a collection of beautiful collections!!!

    What a great idea to display some dreamy photos from your trips during your 25th year together! Such a creative couple! :)

    You might not like to mention this to Jeff... as who knows if he'll start mass-producing these, but this summer I saw the most wonderful wind chimes. Made with treasures found on the beach. Stones, shells, threaded on a fairly thick rope/string that was knotted to make space between the different items.

    Hope you enjoy your anniversary trips!

  2. Ooohhh, what a wonderful idea! You could make all sorts of mobiles, or wind chimes, from small items collections. I just might have to add that to my list. :-)
    Thanks, so much, Kate.