shhhhh…nature is happening here

071610 004 1

This is my ode to the natural world sign I made in honor of all the creatures that also inhabit our small slice of sw florida.

061710 014 1

They are full time residents, just like ourselves.

051710 067 1

While they don’t always show themselves, I find that when I’m taking photos of items to put in our shop, quietly and for long periods of time,

060810 038 1

…one of them, at least, will poke its head out to observe and see what I’m up to,

060210 313 1

always unexpectedly; never when I would really like for them to appear for photos.

062610 073 1

Using a few of the pictures I had taken in our yard, I created a collage with some bamboo slats.

071610 006 1

I wanted it to have a ‘summer camp’ look to it and decided on one photo for each slat.

071610 011 1

After the photos were glued on, I printed and cut out two different boston fern leaves to overlap the photos on each side.

061010 036 2

Did you know that boston ferns are native to florida even though they are called ‘boston’ ferns? Yeah…I don’t know why either.

blubot 417 1

We have quite a bit of this pretty plant; it grows wildly in our yard.

071610 012 1

Jeff made the slats from splitting bamboo poles and drilled holes close to the edges.

071610 010 1

After dry brushing some brown craft paint on the photos I gave it a couple of layers mod podge. Then, I strung the slats together with hemp cord and attached a piece of twisted silver wire to hang it with.

071610 008 1

With thinner wire, I webbed together some small bamboo pieces, that had some of jeff’s carvings and a green paint wash; along with a tiny silver jingle bell.

071610 005 1

I think the collaged nature sign looks awfully pretty there on our hammock post, but ‘bringing the outdoors in’ is a décor trend that I am all for. It will most likely find a protected spot inside the house.

071010 028 1

I want to thank you for stopping by and taking a peek into our yard that seems to have more of a life of it’s own than meets the eye

071410 023 1

…something that I am forever unexpectedly, yet pleasantly, reminded of everyday.


  1. Awesome pics. I am so jealous that you have your very own squirrel! I love those nutty critters.
    Nice artwork too.

  2. What a lot of wildlife! And this piece is like a celebration of all the beauty around you... Fantastic!

  3. Thank you, so much. Your comments are really sweet! The squirrels have a lot of history with us here. It seems like we end up raising one or two babies after every hurricane that blows by.

  4. Haha, that last pic of the squirrel with his legs sprawled behind him is great! And, I think it's so cool how the creatures in your pictures are looking right at you, or at least it looks that way, even the butterfly!

  5. That's funny. They do always look at me! I can't imagine what they think I'm doing. After all this time, though, I believe they've learned not to be camera shy. I'm so glad you stopped by, Niki.

  6. These photos are stunning, and the artwork you have created from them is breathtaking. I really love the dragonfly. Thank you for sharing these with us.