a photo log …butterfly crossing

061410 185

Today, I shipped off one of our smallest glass bottles.

061410 189

It required me to make the tiniest box for it.

061410 255

When I got back from the post office, I stepped out back to let jack the dog out for a run.

061210 035

But she rested on the hot deck instead.

061410 254

Taking her cue, I did the same.

061410 247

The deck felt like hot stones on my back.

061410 227a

The sky was mottled with bright white and slate gray clouds.

061410 277

I hoped it would rain but was enjoying the sun…

061410 232

and the passing traffic of butterflies.

061410 281

061410 266

061410 203 a

My arms grew tired so I turned onto my side…

061410 252

and saw that I was being watched.

061410 041

No rain today…maybe tomorrow.


wishing you the weather that you’re hoping for,


  1. oh, those butterfly pictures are so cool! i love their skyward silhouettes!

  2. Oh, thank you! Taking the shot while the butterflies were actually in the camera frame was really laughable. I took a lot of photos trying to capture those pretty little things. These, that made it, were pure luck.