even more clever uses of bamboo…

052310 250_mod

One Sunday morning, Jeff woke up with an idea and immediately went to work on it.

052310 255_mod

Meaning, when the coffee was made, I had bring it outside to him by his work table and the sawdust was already in piles.

052310 259_mod

He was splitting and cutting bamboo…

060610 004_mod

and joining the slats to very tall, narrow wooden frames…

060810 003_mod

to fix a problem we’ve had ever since one of our oak trees fell over (for no clear reason, and did not hit the house, only the second story deck adjoining the house---which I am happy to say, is all fixed now.)

060810 006_mod

The problem was the huge amounts of heat coming into our home’s windows that were once shaded by our very, tired tree.

060810 011_mod

Two tall, narrow windows in the middle of our stairwell---

051210 492

here they are. Our whole stairwell has actually been getting a makeover and was in the middle of being painted when this picture was taken.

060810 012_mod

Jeff had thought indoor shutters would do the trick, and they did.

shutters 002_mod

We could have settled for blinds---I had offered to sew some roman blinds and was pretty sure we already had fabric. I had even imagined the blog post I would write to show you how roman blinds are made.

shutters 012_mod

While I was dreaming and scheming about my new blinds, thinking about what I notions I would need to get: grommets, cord…pausing a bit,

shutters 051_mod

…‘cause I don’t want to get ahead of myself. I do like to really think things through…

shutters 058_mod

Jeff stepped in with an idea that formulated in one night and two days later had materialized and is doing its job brilliantly.

062110 026_mod

I’ve learned to work quickly around here if I seriously want one of my ideas to happen.

062110 030_mod

062110 034_mod

062110 035_mod

I had mentioned our stairwell makeover, earlier.

shutters 029

Well, this was a thought we both came up with---a bamboo handrail.

shutters 040_mod

I don’t think I could be any happier with it.

shutters 047_mod

shutters 042_mod

Because this, I love and makes me smile just about every time I run up or down the stairs.

Thank you, so very, very much, for stopping by! Your visit also makes me smile…every time.


  1. Oh how lovely! What an awesome use for bamboo and cool looking to boot!!

  2. Thanks for stopping by, megs! It's all working really well and it helps that we love how bamboo looks. :)

  3. ha! too funny! i must say i like the shutters a lot though!

  4. Thank you, kendra. :) You're so sweet for saying so. We like them a lot also.