book cover art photography

Stacked in a pile, high on a shelf, in a hall closet, were some old hardback book covers. Many were Readers Digest. They were put there so long ago, we aren’t sure what happened to all the pages that used to be inside of them. We feel confident that they were used up in some creative fashion, and have two nightstands with collaged tops under glass to back up our claim.

It was time for another art show and I wanted to to include some illustrations, I’ve been working on, of our art dolls.

Attaching the prints to vintage book covers seemed like a unique and appealing way to present them.

The images were printed out and cropped. Artist tape was used to cover the bottom raw edge. And the prints were attached with photo corners.

I liked how they turned out and the response was very positive.

After the show, I put some in one of our local shops, The Franklin Shops on first street, and made a display box with cardboard, from reused shipping boxes, black artist tape and some printed photography.

This is one that sold at the show and is a personal favorite of mine, which I titled,”valentine”. The dolls in the photo are also currently for sale at The Franklin Shops on first street, but look a little different now. You can see an image of them in our last post, here.
happy valentine’s day, ~dale

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