I took the Craft Blog Tune-up…

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…a class for creative bloggers by Sister Diane, and wanted to share. Sister Diane – aka Diane Gilleland, has a brilliant blog called CraftyPod  about all things creative and business related. I’ve written about a couple of her tutorials on how to make her splendid notepads here.

I knew Sister Diane’s Craft Blog Tune-up class was going to be worth signing up for. I had been listening to her clever and entertaining podcast for several months and had already purchased a copy of her ‘Creating a Blog Audience’ e-book. So, I was familiar with how incredibly enlightening and practical her material is.

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Her class offered all the value I expected, but went over and above anything I anticipated. For one thing, the scope of the information she provided was in-depth and laid out in a way that made it engaging and a breeze to follow. It was provided in installments of audio recordings, video, interactive blog postings and even forum topics.

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Participating was fun and supportive, even for someone like myself who is typically a bit inhibited when it comes to social networking---but, I had a blast. Multiple chat times were scheduled. And, meeting my classmates, from all over, near and far, was a gift that I still treasure.

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But what really blew me away was Diane’s personal involvement through out the whole class. She made herself completely accessible to us and invited us to pick her brain and ask anything, anytime. This is what made it priceless and a wonderful space to be included in.

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The way I blog, the way I feel about blogging, and what I think about and keep in mind while blogging, has permanently changed for the better and expanded to a new level---a place I couldn't be more delighted with.

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CraftyPod is a tremendous resource in itself for anyone wanting to craft or be in the business of crafting, but for some seriously detailed nuts and bolts---here is a list of Diane’s online classes that she has offered where you can join an email list to find out about upcoming classes. She also offers a selection of crafty business e-books and crafty e-books about making things.

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I imagine myself taking more of Sister Diane’s classes in the future, and while I’m envisioning this, a title of one of my favorite Dr. Seuss books always floats by … ‘oh, the places you will go’.


  1. That sounds like a phenomenal opportunity! I'm in an e-course right now through IndieThink.com about communicating your brand and it is phenomenal, too. I definitely think anyone in a creative indie biz should consider brushing up on business skills at any opportunity.

  2. Thanks Jen, I agree. Fortunately, all of these great courses make the learning so enjoyable. I suppose it’s because the teachers are such cool, creative types themselves. :-)