Who uses snail mail anymore?

...I can't resist when I'm having a party and want to send my invitations in envelopes that will really get the recipient's attention. For me---the party begins with the invites, and when you can send them inside of  unique, handmade envelopes that also matches the theme of your party, it's all the better.
We have sent out hand-made envelopes made from recycled magazine paper for years, not just for parties but also for business correspondence, holidays, and whenever a personal note card is needed. The response from people are always positive, some have even kept them as keepsakes.

National Geographic magazines pages are perfect for cards created with letter-size paper folded into fourths (5 ½ x 4 ¼ inches). The images are bold and striking; they travel wonderfully through the mail, and are just the right size for this style of envelope. Thrift stores or EBay are a good place for back issues; the older the issue the more retro your envelopes will look. We don’t bother with adhesive for the flap; we just secure it shut with a return address label.

For different sized envelopes, you can make a template by choosing any size envelope, open it up flat by carefully detaching the flaps---and, you have your own template. Then, chose your paper, trace an outline of your template onto the paper, and use scissors to cut along your outline. Fold and crease the flaps down with a glue stick or glue, just like your envelope which you are modeling from, and leaving the top flap open, of course. :-)

Envelopes can be made from all different types of paper, including cardstock, construction paper, scrapbook paper, vellum, gift wrap, or wallpaper. The ultimate would be sketch or watercolor paper with you own art work on it. In any case, be creative and get noticed with your next invites.

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