one child’s party open to all…

I traveled out of town with family and attended my niece’s fifth annual birthday party --- called AlchemyFest the Fifth, on Sunday. The party and Alchemy just keeps getting better and better every year. On Alchemy’s first birthday, her parents decided to give an open-to-the-public rock 'n' roll party. (Her daddy is a musician and a long time promoter and motivator of the local music scene.)
Everyone in the Tampa Bay area is invited to a family-friendly, outdoor, all-ages concert with some of the best local musicians. What makes this rocking event different than most--- it comes with a diaper changing station and an award-winning balloon guy.
The children loved being able to run around and dance to the music. Balloon animals and head-gear were made for just them. Bubbles floated about. But, the most popular station, every year, is where they get have art painted on their faces. There was a line at that table all day long. No doubt about it, children love, love, love the face paint.
Face painting dates back to ancient times; we’ve always been attracted to it. Whether for tribal fighting, ceremonial rituals, opera, or court jesters---painting our faces and bodies seems to be ingrained in us.

I stumbled across an amazing slideshow of pictures taken by German photographer Hans Silvester who documented the extraordinary body painting of the Surma and Mursi peoples of the Omo Valley in southern Ethiopia. According to the New York Times review of his documentary “…They paint themselves or one another two or three times a day, using pigment made from earth or ground stone mixed with water. Executed quickly, the abstract, vibrantly patterned motifs reflect a sophisticated vocabulary of mark-making, finger-painting and hand-printing techniques…”

Take a look at this beautiful pictorial and be prepared to feel a bit humbled.

When my kids were young, we did plenty of face painting with store bought products, but I think I would have really enjoyed making our own. Here’s a tutorial to do just that:

How to Make Your Own Face Paint on wikiHow – “the world’s collaborative how to manual”. The advances of collaboration has to be one of the coolest things about the internet---I love wiki.


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  1. I love the photograpy in these photos. I actually want to learn to face paint, so I could do this on the side for extra money. Thanks for the great tutorial on how to make your own facepaint....I must try this :)